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Waterless Car Wash is a revolutionary cleaning system, using only a few milliliters of water rather than many liters as in a normal car wash.

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Save Time

We value your time, you tell us when to come, and we will show up at your convenient time.

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Door-step service

No need to drive away from your place, we will come at your office or home and clean the car.

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Shine and Protection

Waterless Car Wash Cleans, Shines and Protects in a single step. Polish and Protection is ensured by Premium Brazilian Carnauba Wax.

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Save Money

Economical and less costlier than the regular car wash. Since we are proving door-step service, you save money of fuel too.

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Eco friendly

Cleaning is provided by various bio degradable agents. Helps in saving environment for future generations.

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Interior cleaning

With special agents and portable vacuum cleaning systems we will take care of interiors as well. Giving you the most satisfying experience.

Car Sanitization

Dear Customer,
Protect yourself and your loved ones. Please sanitize your car along with your hands.

You can do this by yourself. Use any alcohol based sanitizer or use disinfectant wipes or Dettol or regular soapy water to clean hard & high touch surfaces of your car (Like Steering wheel, Door Handles, Music System, Hand rest etc.) Visit here for more information. We are here to help you, Please call us if you need any guidance for this.
Furthermore, keeping your safety in mind, we are giving car sanitization service free of cost till 30th April 2020.

Take Care, Be Safe.

PS: We are a small start-up, we are trying to help the community in all possible means, this service is absolutely free, however, if you wish, you can help us with the petrol charges (not mandatory).

प्रिय ग्राहक,
आपल्या आणि आपल्या परिजनांच्या सुरक्षेसाठी हातांसोबतच आपली कार हि निर्जंतुक ठेवा.

आपण स्वतःच कोणत्याही अल्कोहोल युक्त सॅनिटायझर/निर्जंतुकीकरण वाईप्स/डेटॉल किंवा साबणाचे पाणी वापरून कार चे हार्ड पार्ट, नेहमी संपर्कात येणारे भाग (स्टिअरिंग, डोअर हॅन्डल, म्युझिक सिस्टिम, गियर शिफ्ट, हँड रेस्ट etc ) निर्जंतुक करू शकता. अधिक माहितीसाठी इथे भेट द्या. हे करण्यासाठी काही शंका असल्यास आम्हाला कॉल करा, आपणास मदत करण्यात आम्हाला आनंदच होईल.
सामाजिक बांधिलकीच्या भावनेतून, आपल्या सुरक्षेसाठी आम्ही ३० एप्रिल २०२० पर्यंत कार सॅनिटायझेशन सर्व्हिस मोफत देत आहोत.

काळजी घ्या, सुरक्षित रहा.

ता.क:आम्ही एक छोटीशी स्टार्ट-अप आहोत, समाजासाठी उपयोगी राहील म्हणून आम्ही हि सेवा मोफत देत आहोत, तरी आपणास इच्छा असेल तर आपण फक्त पेट्रोल चा खर्च तुमच्या इच्छे प्रमाणे देऊ शकता (अनिवार्य नाही).

Our Services

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Exterior Super Car Wash

It’s better than a Regular Car Wash at a Local Car Washing Center & the best part is, it’s WATERLESS.

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Super 360 Car Wash

Great Combination of Waterless Car Wash and Basic Interior Cleaning.

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Exterior Premium Car Wash

Adding some Extra Shine after a Car Wash is always Great.

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Premium 360 Car Wash

Add ultimate shine to both Interior and Exteriors.

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Monthly Package - Supreme-3

  • 3 sessions of Super 360
  • Transferable within same car category

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Monthly Package - Shining 30

  • 2 Sessions of Super 360 Services in a Month
  • Alternate Day Exterior Cleaning
  • Professional & Reliable Service
  • (Available in selected areas.)

Headlight polishing, restoration

Pristine Wonder

  • Car Windshield Restoration and Polish.
  • Removes Scratches, Glairs, Carbon shade, Salt water marks, Cement marks.
  • Provide clear vision in night time.

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Shield Super

  • Scratch Removal, Coating, Shine and Protection
  • Unbelievable Prices
  • Highly trained professionals

Headlight polishing, restoration

Blazing Wonder

  • Car Headlight Restoration for improved visibility.
  • Removes haze and corrosion from headlight.
  • Save money by avoiding replacement costs.

I Care for environment Badge

You are one of few responsible citizens who not only talk about saving water and saving environment. You also take the action too. By using our services you are saving precious water, and helping to protect environment.
You are truly a change ambassador.

Get an exclusive “I Care, I Save” badge, This is a token of appreciation from us, Display it proudly that you care for environment.

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How it works?

Book Appointment

You can book our services Online or by calling our customer care number.

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Door-step Service

Our Car Care Expert comes to your place

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Clean & Shine

Cleaning is done using waterless cleaning agents & other portable tools

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You Rate & Pay

Once the service is done, you will be asked for your feedback and rating.

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About Us

What if you could save Water, Money and Time, on every car wash? How?

We have the answer, Upon facing the challenges of water scarcity, few innovative minds came together to take on the responsibility. After researching for a long time, and trying many different options, we came up with a Economical, Time-saving and Environment-friendly Waterless car wash service for you. Your car will shine, and you will save lot of Money, Time and Water.

Waterless car wash system is a revolutionary cleaning system. Unlike normal car wash, It uses only a few millilitres of water instead of hundreds of litres. Also, Waterless car wash Cleans, Shines and Protects in a single step, That too at the convenience of your door-steps. Cleaning is provided by various bio degradable agents, Polish and Protection is ensured by Premium Brazilian Carnauba Wax.

You will love your car, each time.

Call for free demo (Societies/Corporates)

Still have any questions in mind? we will love to answer all your queries, call us now for a free demo.


A Big Thank You for your overwhelmed response, However, due to large number of demo requests, we are limitting number of free demos to only 2 demos each day (for now),

Don't worry though, we will keep your request in queue, you will get a free demo, that's our promise.